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I am Taro, Full Stack developer with technical skills and expertise in front-end and back-end development, as well as database management, I am capable of designing and developing fully functional web applications.I collaborate with clients and team members to deliver seamless, high-quality applications that meet their specific need.

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Full Stack Developer ( Remote ) | 2022 ~ present

The Bond App ( Android & IOS Platform )
Discover and book events, get the latest Bondy news, and track your referrals

Technologies & Tools:React Native, TypeScript, Expo, Expo Router, Zod, React Hook Form, React Native Paper, Tanstack React Query, Axios
Zustand, TailwindCSS, Git, Google Analytics, EAS Expo, Apple App Store, Google Play Store

Vaurse (University, Employee, Candidate Platforms)
Vaurse is a platform designed to innovate the world of recruitment by leveraging advanced AI technology and verified candidate profiles. Their services aim to transform the process of discovering, evaluating, and hiring candidates.· Developed responsive UIs for university, employee, and candidate platforms using Next14, TypeScript, and React Hook Form.· Enhanced user experience with Material UI and Tailwind CSS; managed state using Zustand.· Integrated APIs and data management with TanStack/React Query.· Ensured application performance and reliability on AWS; tracked user metrics with Google Analytics.· Maintained codebase with Git and GitHub, adhering to best practices in version control and collaborative development.

Technologies & Tools:Next14, TypeScript, Zod, React Hook Form, TanStack/React Query, Material UI, Zustand, Tailwind, Git
AWS, Github, Google Analytics

AMZ Media Website
Full-Service digital Agency, focusing on helping businesses enhance their online presence and adapt to the digital market​

Technologies & Tools:NextJs, TypeScript, DaisyUI, Zod, React Hook Form, Styled Components, Slick Carousel, Next Sanity, Framer motion, react-calendly
Cloudinary, Tailwind, Git, Sanity, Vercel, Google Analytics, Calendly

Abu Dhabi Department of Education and Knowledge (ADEK)

Lead Front End Developer ( Remote ) | 2022

Lead Front End Developer
Developed a responsive web application using React, Redux, WebRTC, and Restful APIs to streamline the government hiring process, reducing hiring time by 30% and increasing applicant conversion rates by 20%, while also integrating Agile methodologies and utilizing Jira for efficient project management and collaboration.· React & TypeScript Implementation: Utilized React with TypeScript for robust front-end development.· Redux Toolkit: Managed application state using Redux Toolkit.· WebRTC Integration: Incorporated WebRTC for real-time communication features.· Restful API Consumption: Connected with backend services using Restful APIs.· Ant Design UI: Implemented Ant Design for user interface components.· ESLint & Prettier: Ensured code quality and consistency with ESLint and Prettier.· Docker for Containerization: Utilized Docker to containerize the application.· GitHub Repository Management: Managed codebase on GitHub.· Jira for Project Management: Adopted Agile methodologies, using Jira for task tracking and team collaboration.

Technologies & Tools:React, TypeScript, React Router Dom, Redux Toolkit, ViteJS, AWS, ESLint, Prettier, Git
Ant Design, WebRtc, Docker, Github


Full Stack JS Developer | 2021 ~ 2022

Au79Code Platform ( Dubizzle Alternative )
Developed an eCommerce store for buy and sell from scratch with custom dashboards and analytics tools.· Enhanced the stability of the React client-side application and reduced the loading time of the bundle· Improved the efficiency of HTTP requests and refined the database architecture.· Addressed and resolved critical bugs and problems within the back-end architecture.

Technologies & Tools:React, Ant Design, Redux, Node.js, ExpressJs, Multer, Cloudinary, Google Analytics, Email Send Grid, Payment Gateway, JSonWebToken
Typescript, Formik, i18Next, React DropZone, Styled Components, Git, Github, CSS, AWS, MongoDB Atlas, Stripe, ESLint, Prettier

Yayi Make

Full Stack Developer ( Web and Mobile ) | 2017 ~ 2020

Yayi Make Website
Develops healthcare technology. Created a multiParametric monitor called LIKITA CARE® and developed protective visors during the COVID-19 pandemic. Their solutions, including a connected visor that measures body temperature and aids in COVID-19 prevention, showcase their focus on technology-driven health solutions

Technologies & Tools:React, Javascript, Redux, React Admin-Dashboard, Git, ExpressJS, MongoDB, Node.js, React Native Bluetooth, React Native Offline
MongoDB Atlas, Heroku Hosting Service, Android Studio, XCode, React Native, MonoRepo

Personnel Project

Full Stack Developer | 2017 ~ Present

42 Daily Dev
An Open Source platform, where 42 students can share their daily thoughts and ideas with people all over the world

Technologies & Tools:T3 Stack, Vercel, Supabase, Cloudinary, 42 School APIs
NextJs, Typescript, tRPC, TailwindCSS, Prisma, Tanstack/react-query, React Daisy UI, Next SEO, React Markdown Editor Lite, Next SEO, Zod, React Hook Form, Zustand, Twin.macro, DayJS, Contentlayer, Markdown, Git

Founded by innovative entrepreneurs, offers a matchmaking service connecting people through shared interests, skills, and location.· Developed a mobile application using React Native, Expo, and TypeScript, ensuring cross-platform compatibility and user-friendly design.· Integrated user authentication and authorization with Clerk, enhancing security and user experience.· Developed a responsive web application (Admin Dashboard and Landing Page) using Next.js, TypeScript, and Tailwind CSS, ensuring cross-platform compatibility and user-friendly design.· Implemented real-time chat functionality with PusherJS, enabling users to communicate and connect seamlessly.· Optimized application performance and SEO with Next SEO, enhancing visibility and user engagement.· Managed state and data with React Query and TurboRepo, ensuring efficient data management and retrieval.· Deployed application on Vercel, ensuring high performance and reliability.

Technologies & Tools:T3 Stack, Neon DB, Vercel, Expo EAS, Clerk, PusherJS, Sentry, Apple App Store, Google Play Store
React Native, Expo, NextJs, Typescript, tRPC, TailwindCSS, Drizzle, Tanstack/react-query, tRPC, Next SEO, React Markdown Editor Lite, Zod, React Hook Form, Zustand, DayJS, Axios, TurboRepo, Git

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Shopify Shop Development

· Flowers Square· Fuchsia Flowers